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产品名称:   全自动高速裱贴机(前规机)


( CF-1207/1210/1450/1850 )





1.It uses advanced motion control system,once input the paper size ,the system will adjust automaticaly.


2.The highest speed of laminating can reach at 13000pcs/hour.Production efficiency is improved by times than the old model.


3.High speed motion control front aligning positioning and side aligning tracking all-the-way ensures ±0.5mm of laminating accuracyt.



The machine in detail

1. 本系列产品的机台钢板制造, 全部采用45#钢板调质处理,消除钢板内应力,保证15年墙板不变形,经立式加工中心一次加工完成, 保证了各个工位的精度,保证设备运转更稳定。

1.The machine in this series is made of steel 45# which is on the quenching and tempering treatment. It relieves internal stress of steel plates, guarantees that it will not be out of shape in 15 years and it was finished in one time in VMC,ensures the precision of each position and equipment running more stable.


2. 面纸的走纸机构

采用配置高速专用飞达头, 不论厚纸或薄纸, 保证了走纸高速、平稳。

2. Paper handling mechanism of tissue paper

The use of high-speed special flying head, no matter thick or thin paper, to ensure the high-speed, smooth paper.

3. 面纸升降台 

为配合高速飞达, 采用高强度涡轮减速机, 保证了瞬间提速稳定。

3. Tissue lifting platform

In order to cooperate with high-speed feida, high-strength turbine reducer is adopted to ensure the stability of instant speed increase.

4.面纸载纸送纸台 (可选配)

采用付给纸机构,机器不停机连续送纸, 节省堆码纸停机时间, 提高工作效率。

4. Tissue feeding table (optional)

Adopt feed paper mechanism, continuously feed paper without stopping machine, save stacking paper stop time, improve work efficiency.


采用伺服控制系统, 灵敏度高、速度快、保证了底纸的出纸顺畅、不卡纸等特点。

5. Base paper system

Servo control system, high sensitivity, high speed, ensure the bottom of the paper out smoothly, no paper jam and other characteristics.


采用变频控制并配合电磁阀敏捷切换, 保证底纸完全吸附, 且操作简单。

6. Base paper adsorption system

With frequency conversion control and quick switching with solenoid valve, the bottom paper is completely adsorbed and easy to operate.




加厚电镀钢轮, (可选配不锈钢滚筒) 表面精细研磨, 胶水量可调至 8g / ㎡ 保证厚薄纸胶水均匀。

7. Glue wheel

Thickened electroplated steel wheel, (stainless steel drum is optional) surface fine grinding, glue water can be adjusted to 8g / ㎡ to ensure even thickness and thin paper glue.


采用液位自动控制, 保证胶水自动补充, 确保生产连续进行。

8. Glue supplement

Adopt automatic control of liquid level to ensure automatic replenishment of glue and continuous production.


针对高速运行, 采用分离爪, 使得纸张从胶水轮过胶后有效脱离。

9. Paper separation

For high-speed operation, separation claw is adopted to make the paper separated from the glue wheel.


专利自主开发先进的运动控制系统自动运算前规定位位置, 左右两边各有侧档规全程跟踪,保证了高速贴合精度。

10. Fitting positioning

Patent independently developed advanced motion control system before the automatic operation of the specified position, left and right side of the side gauge track the whole process, to ensure high speed fitting accuracy.



采用德国原装进口达机时规同步带传动, 保证了传动精准、平稳、低噪音。

11. Transmission system

Adopt German original imported time gauge synchronous belt drive, ensure the transmission precise, steady and low noise.



12. Automatic adjustment operating system (optional)

The self-developed motion control system can automatically adjust the equipment rules by simply inputting the paper size. Greatly save paper replacement adjustment time, really reflects the advantages of automation.



13.Electrical systems

It adopts well-known brands at home and abroad, it is designed in accordance with European CE standard,which can realize remote monitoring and maintenance.


14.人机界面Human Machine Interface


一、 整机主要电气元件配置

Main Electrical Configurations


Main Technical Parameter


Note: due to the continuous improvement of products, the technical configuration and data will change, and the operation manual shall prevail.

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